Asphalt Business

  1. Building a Powerful Brand – and Using it to your Advantage

    One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when you start your own asphalt business is creating a steady client base of repeat customers. Winning a couple of contracts might mean a good start for a new company, but how do you stay in the game and build a strong presence in the industry?

    Wouldn’t you want your company to be the first – no, the only! – choice when property owners want their parking lots reopened for business? How about getting paid top dollar for your services, while getting repeat clients and new ones faster than your fiercest competitor? What makes a business more successful than others?

    The secret is to build a powerful brand that makes customers immediately think of your company when they need sealcoating and other pavement services.  This discussion between Judson Burdon, founder of Asphalt Kingdom, and Alex Lucic, owner of Black and Yellow Pavement (Canada), will give you a roadmap to creating a branding strategy that actually works.

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  2. Insider Tips On How to Hire the Right Crew (and Keep Them)

    Finishing projects on time and on budget is only half the battle when it comes to creating a successful business.

    The other half? Hiring the right people for your team. In today's tight job market, it feels harder than ever to attract and retain top talent.

    Hiring the perfect crew while trying to grow your business can be a struggle. Going through stacks of resumes or online applications can cost you a great deal of time and energy. Out of the 30 people you shortlisted, 20 to 25 of them seem promising – on paper! Resumes and portfolios can be made to look appealing enough for you to hire any average Joe, and end up getting an employee who’s sloppy, lazy, and uninterested.

    Years of experience and expertise may be key factors to consider, but that doesn’t mean that you should disregard probable candidates that may not have prior experience in the field, but have great potential.

    The key to finding the right type of people for your business is to “feel” them out before deciding to hire. Below are some tips and strategies on how to put together a strong crew.

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  3. How to Start Your Asphalt Repair Business

    Far too many individuals start their business with little else than a couple of buckets of asphalt sealer, a squeegee, and a pickup truck. However, they quickly find out that they are losing money and not seeing the desired results that they need to earn a good living in the asphalt industry. This very scenario is what had put many, many contractors out of business before they actually had an opportunity for real success. So, how do you start your asphalt repair business and make it profitable? Let’s find out.

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  4. When Should I Restripe My Parking Lot?

    If you own a parking lot, it is important to make sure that the lot is always in the best shape possible, naturally. You want it asphalt to be intact and sealed, and you want the stripes and spaces in the lot to be clear and bright. It offers a range of benefits for your parking lot and business. There are many times that you should consider restriping the parking lot.

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