If you are a homeowner on a budget, you don’t have to rely on contractors to maintain your asphalt all the time. You can take care of small jobs, such as crack or pothole repair, or even sealcoat your own driveway! Owners and managers of small parking lots or airports can also handle their own asphalt repair with the right type of equipment. Hiring contractors to do minor repairs can prove to be a strain on the budget, however, it is also prudent to take care of damages on your asphalt as soon as possible. Leave it too late and you’ll end up spending thousands for resurfacing and repaving.

What asphalt equipment do you need to get started?


For Surface Preparation

Great results come from doing great prep work at the beginning.

1. Crack cleaner

Getting down on your hands and knees to remove weeds and other vegetation growing out of cracks can be a pain, especially for small parking lots. An industry-grade crack cleaning machine makes this a breeze. This machine allows you to work faster and cover more ground – literally! By using a proper crack cleaning machine rather than a garden trowel, you also reduce fatigue on your back.

2. Walk-Behind or Push Blowers

Most homeowners use bristle brooms when sweeping off debris and vegetation. This can work if the scenario only involves a single-car driveway. However, if we are talking about long estate driveways or parking lots with 20 stalls or more, then, using a proper walk-behind or push blower such as the LandShark Walk-Behind Blower or Billy Goat Force 10 Wheeled Blower is a smarter alternative.

These gas-powered blowers allow you to blow off vegetation, debris, dust, and small stones easily compared to sweeping manually with a brush or broom. If you are an owner or manager of a small airport or of a business establishment with a parking lot, you can greatly benefit from this investment since you don’t have to rent a sweeper every time you need to clean your parking spots or runways.


For Crack and Pothole Repair

Cracks and potholes are visual eyesores that can degrade the asphalt pavement. Repairing them will make your asphalt last longer.

1. Pour pot and Squeegee

Most homeowners choose to pour water-based liquid crackfiller directly from the bottle or container. However, this can cause back pain, as you have to constantly get down on your hands and knees to apply the material into the cracks. A pour pot would be a better option as you can dispense crackfill material more evenly minus the fatigue. The dual adjustment on the dispersion nozzle of our pour pot also allows you full control of material flow, so you can easily adjust the volume depending on the size or depth of the crack you’re filling. Once the material has been dispensed, use the U-Shaped Crack Repair Squeegee to spread it evenly over the cracks.

2. Crackfill Melter Applicators

For small business owners or airport managers, we recommend the RY10 Pro and RY10 Elite melter applicators to take care of your crackfilling needs. These machines can accommodate 2 whole blocks (2 x 11.33-kg.) of rubberized hot-applied crackfill material from empty. This means that you’ll have enough material to cover up to 107 linear meters’ worth of cracks per batch.

Repairing cracks with a hot pour crackfiller machine like this will effectively seal out moisture for years, and lasts longer than a residential cold-pour liquid filler. Plus, it's easy to use and is a great investment into the long-term longevity of your pavement.

3. Infrared Asphalt Heater

Filling potholes using permanent pothole patch or covering alligator cracks with Gator Patch is common practice for homeowners and DIYers. However, for establishment owners and managers, you’ll need an alternative that allows you to repair damages to your asphalt nearly the same way as professionals do. Instead of pouring in asphalt from a bag or bucket, why not reuse the same asphalt you already have?

The RY2X2 Infrared Asphalt Heater is an innovative pavement maintenance machine that allows you to repair old, crumbling asphalt and make it look flawlessly new again.

To use, place the machine over the section of asphalt that you want to repair, turn it on, and allow it to heat up the asphalt for about 7-10 minutes. Once the heated asphalt is back to its mixing consistency, use a shovel or rake to spread it evenly and tamp down until compacted using a metal-headed tamper tool or a vibrating plate compactor.


For Sealcoating

Covering your driveway or parking lot with asphalt sealer will protect its surface for years to come. 

Sealcoating with a spray system

1. Portable Sprayer System

When applying sealer using a squeegee, you can end up with uneven coats that not only take a long time to dry, but also appear uneven, ruining the appearance of a perfectly-manicured front yard or parking lot, and lowering the aesthetic value of your property.

We recommend using a portable sealcoating spray system that allows you to spread sealer evenly to ensure that your freshly sealed asphalt appears as though it was done by a pro. Depending on the size of your pavement surface, you may also opt for the sprayer system for drums or the sealcoating sprayer for totes. These sprayer systems are ideal for large driveways and small parking lots.

2. AS130 Pro Sealcoating Spray System

The AS130 Pro Sealcoating Spray System is ideal for small parking lots and airports, as its 493-Liter (130-Gallon) tank can accommodate 2 full 205-Liter (55-Gallon) drums of sealer. With this ideal tank size and capacity, you can sealcoat the asphalt pavement in your entire facility without having to refill over and over, allowing you to finish the task sooner and more efficiently.


For Line Striping and Pavement Marking

Once parking lots are sealcoated for a protective finish, they need their parking lines to be repainted. 

Starter Line Striping Machine

The PowrLiner 850 Line Striping Machine is the world’s most inexpensive gas-powered line striper, making it the ideal choice for small parking lots with 20 to 30 stalls. Its removable single gun is an added plus if you are using stencils when marking handicap stalls, fire lanes, entrances and exits.

Line Striping Machine for Small Airports or Medium to Large Parking Lots

For owners and managers of small airports or parking facilities with 50 stalls or more, we recommend the PowrLiner 2850 Line Striping Machine. This line striper is ideal for use in asphalt pavements, sports fields, or turf and can paint 2”-24” lines with ease. Since parking lots and runways have curves, this machine’s front wheel swivel casters allow for high maneuverability, making it ideal for turns and radius work.

Airport runway striped with the PowrLiner 2850
With our equipment and advice, the General Manager at Cooking Lake Airport in Alberta, Canada fixed up, sealcoated, and restriped the runway


DIY pavement repair is easy with the right asphalt equipment. Get professional-grade supplies and feel the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.



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