If you want to keep asphalt looking clean and in good condition, it must be sealed regularly to prevent the onset of decay and cracking.

A professional grade asphalt sealer and the right asphalt sealcoating equipment is necessary for driveways, paths, parking lots, and virtually anything paved with asphalt. Most asphalt experts recommend that it be sealed approximately every two years. With that in mind, how do you sealcoat your own driveway?

Here’s an easy to follow guide for homeowners.

Take a beginner’s short course

Experts have years of experience with asphalt sealcoating. So, it makes sense to learn from them. There are many asphalt maintenance courses online - some are free while are others charge a small fee. The beginner’s course covers the basics typically to intermediate of asphalt handling.  You’ll learn the right techniques for preparing your driveway before you seal, how to fill asphalt cracks, and how to use asphalt sealcoating equipment properly. You will also gain insight into what kind of asphalt repair products you should invest your money on.

Invest in the right asphalt sealing equipment

Remember, because there are many asphalt sealers available on the market, you want to make sure that you select only quality asphalt repair products. You should be on the lookout for two materials – coal tar asphalt sealer and sealcoating spray system.

Coal tar asphalt sealer is the product most commonly used for driveways and other small areas of residential asphalt. It protects against sun exposure, rain, snow, ice, and even tree roots. Remember to mix or shake it well before application. The consistency of the asphalt sealer should look thick. The product can be applied with a brush or squeegee, but with professional sealcoating equipment, the time involved with sealing asphalt can be reduced dramatically.

Sealcoating spray system, on the other hand, is the easiest way to seal a vast expanse of asphalt and is the most frequently used type of sealcoating equipment that the professionals use. Asphalt sprayer equipment is available in different sizes. For small sealcoating jobs, you can check out the Rynoworx AK130 Sealcoating Spray System. It has a more compact construction or design than other sealing equipment, yet it is complete with features such as 130-gallon steel tank, engine, pump, spray gun and tips to get the job done. For more demanding tasks, you can try the Pavement Sealing Machine for Drums and the AS275 Tote Sealcoating Spray System. Both systems have a more powerful engine and pump and higher tank capacity. 


Getting your asphalt sealing equipment

Selecting the best quality asphalt sealcoating equipment is critical to the success of your asphalt business or asphalt maintenance project. A clogged spray tip or hose line can stop you in your tracks, and avoid breakdowns, you need high-quality equipment that you and your crew can count on.

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We have a large selection of asphalt sealing equipment. Who knows? You may just discover that you enjoyed sealing your asphalt so much that you want to start your own sealcoating business. Whether you are looking for a part-time business to provide extra income or you’re thinking about opening your own full-time asphalt sealcoat business, Action Seal has precisely the right information, asphalt products, and sealcoating equipment you will want to make your business a success.

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