With skyrocketing oil prices, recycled asphalt has leaped from relative obscurity into a must for paving and utility contractors. Utilizing such machinery can save contractors hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Environmental concerns have also increased the interest and demand for asphalt recycling. Because asphalt is a   petroleum-based product, it is eco-friendlier to recycle it than to produce new material.

In light of the higher price of virgin asphalt and the increased awareness of the environment, several manufacturers are also now specializing in portable recycled asphalt machinery that is adaptable to the specific needs of both small pavers and municipal highway departments to large contracting firms and government agencies. These asphalt recyclers have become instrumental in decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels while contributing to the improvement of the current environmental situation. Asphalt heaters like the RY2X2 Infrared Asphalt Heater is an excellent example of a more environmentally friendly machine. Instead of relying on fuel, it uses the latest infrared technology to heat and melt the asphalt surface's coating.  By using such an innovative feature, you will be saving fuel, as well as cutting back on preparation and operation.

For homeowners, business owners, and independent paving contractors who are concerned with their carbon footprint, recycled asphalt machinery is most likely not a viable option. However, they can still take advantage of it by using the material for both asphalt repair and replacement projects.

Once asphalt has been used for a project, the best way to protect it for many years to come is proper maintenance and seal coat it regularly. Recycled asphalt, if managed properly, can remain in good condition on par with virgin asphalt.

Do you need information on how best to care for recycled asphalt? The experts at Action Seal can give you everything you need to know to keep it in good condition. Whether you need expert advice or need asphalt maintenance products, sealcoating repair equipment, we have it all.

It’s commonly thought that the material isn't as durable. This is not the case, and with regular crack repair and seal coating, it can hold up to the elements. Just as in the case of new asphalt, recycled asphalt should be sealed every two to three years, and cracks should be sealed on an ongoing, regular basis.

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