DIY Asphalt Maintenance for Your Property

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Your asphalt is your property's second most expensive asset.

If you let it fall into disrepair, you dramatically shorten its lifespan, and that means expensive replacement costs. A poorly maintained parking lot says a lot about your business, too. You shouldn't have to worry about fixing it on someone else's schedule – you can do it yourself when it works for your business.

Pavement Maintenance 101 Get a Custom Plan

Save Time and Save Money While Saving Your Asphalt

Avoid Expensive Replacement Costs
Handle small cracks before they become potholes

Save Money On Repairs
Do it yourself and save thousands – when it's convenient for you

Make a Great First Impression
Let people know you care about your business

We Don't Just Sell Products

We Give You The Know-How You Need To Do It Yourself

  • Customers from BC to PEI to NT have used our products
  • Hundreds of thousands in replacement costs saved
  • Dozens of articles and videos to help you do it yourself

How It Works

1. Measure Your Asphalt
We'll show you a shortcut

2. Assess Its Condition
We'll tell you what to look for

3. Get The Products You Need
We'll deliver it to your door, coast to coast

Talk with our asphalt pavement specialists at (855) 554-4386 or contact us for a customized pavement maintenance plan.

Knowing where to start can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Our experts know exactly what matters – and what doesn't – so that you can focus on the few things you need to do to get peace of mind that your asphalt is in good repair.

Asphalt maintenance isn't hard: if you can push a lawn mower, you can use a crack repair machine and seal off cracks before they allow moisture to seep into your asphalt's foundation, causing erosion, potholes, and eventually causing damage so bad you have to replace the surface. We'll show you exactly what you need to do.

If you're a property manager looking to save money on their asphalt pavement maintenance, you've come to the right place! With the right equipment and supplies, you can maintain your property's asphalt on your own time. Learn more about the pavement maintenance process. If you have questions, we're here to help!

How to Ruin Your Asphalt Maintenance Job

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