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Spray Systems
How do you prime the 130 or 230 Gallon Spray Systems?

The pumps are self-priming pumps so as long as your sealer is diluted properly and you have ample sealer in your tank your sprayer will self-prime. Always make sure that air isn’t sucking into the pump or you will lose prime and your pump will get quite hot potentially compromising the main seal which leads to a leaking pump.

If the sealer is too thick the pump will struggle with a prime as it’s like sucking a thick milkshake through a small straw.

Make sure your sealer is diluted at 20% to 30% at all times.

Check out this related article: priming your spray system.

How do I clean out my spray system between uses?

If you’re using the sealer within the week it can remain in the tank. Just periodically agitate the material in the tank to prevent it from settling and starting to cure.

If you want to remove the sealer from your main tank and store the sealer, we recommend taking off your spray tip and starting your unit up and then pumping the sealer into a drum or separate storage tank. Once this is done, flush your main tank out with water.

You can flush out your spray system by connecting the transfer kit or suction hose to a bucket or drum of water.

Simply turn your unit to Spray mode and spray the sealer back out into the drum or bucket that you got it from originally.

For more details, see this blog post:

Can I spray sand with the 130 or 230 Gallon Spray Systems?

Our spray systems work only with Refined Coal Tar (Commercial Grade) Water-Based Sealer or Asphalt Emulsion Sealer and we have specifically tested our systems with the coal tar sealer we sell on our site.

If you use:

  • a sealer with sand, 
  • or oil based sealer,

the spray system will not work: the pump will need repair and you may even blow the engine.

If you use the wrong sealer your warranty is voided in the same way as if you were using diesel fuel in a gasoline engine for your truck. 

Does the Portable Spray System come with the suction and discharge hoses?
Yes it does.
How long is the hose?
This system includes a 50 foot 3/4" diameter hose, rated to 275psi.
Will the portable spray system work with a tote?
Yes, but not out of the box - you need to purchase the optional Tote Connection Kit.
Can I flush the unit without touching the sealer?
Yes, simply close the main valve on the bottom of the tote. Disconnect the suction hose from the bottom of the tote and then put that end of the hose in a 5 gallon pail and turn the valve above the pump to spray mode and then start the engine. The pump will suck the water up out of the 5 gallon pail into the pump and down the spray hose out the gun and then spray the water out of the gun back into the 5 gallon pail you just sucked up and you can recirculate it in the pail like this while having the engine on low idle.
Can this system spray sealer with sand in it?
We cannot warranty a system if sand has been used in it as it will wear and ruin the seals. We do however, suggest applying the sand by hand with a grass seeding machine after applying a thin wet coat of sealer and then applying a second coat of sealer over top of the sand layer as a final coat.
Does the system re-circulate as well as agitation systems?

300 gallon metal tanks with sweep agitation blades mostly move the product contents near the outside walls of the storage tank. The heavy paddles usually rotate very slowly and are driven by cumbersome gears, chains, and pulleys. The product near the center of the tank may never even get mixed at all!

To observe this, try this revealing experiment:

First take a can of paint, secondly take a paint stir stick. Now stir the contents using the stir stick only along the inside edge of the paint can slowly. Try to emulate the speed of a paddle moving around the inside of a storage tank. What happens to the contents in the center of the paint can? Hardly moves or mixes at all doesn't it?

The re-circulation system that comes with the AK Tote, Drum, Portable, 130 and 230 Sprayers is absolutely amazing. Your sealer mixes up in 3 to 4 minutes and ready to apply.

What sort of sealer can I spray?

These systems are field-tested with our own brand of Coal Tar asphalt sealer and can be used with specific brands of Asphalt Emulsion sealer. The systems cannot spray sealer with sand.

Approved Sealers:

  • Coal Tar Emulsion
  • Asphalt Emulsion (AE): GemSeal, Sealmaster and Neyra sealers only without the addition of any latex additives

We can't guarantee the performance of the systems with other people's sealer because they may add additives that we don't know about that could affect the performance of the pump, hoses, circulation, etc. We use the industry's best-quality sealer and we can assure you that you will not have any issues with it; if you wish to use another brand of sealer please contact the manufacturer to guarantee performance with your spray system.

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Crack Repair Machines
How do I stop the RY10 Pro from getting hotter once the temp hits 380°F (193.33°C)?
You should turn the regulator down. We do not recommend leaving the crackfill material on high heat for long periods of time. The crackfill can be cooled and reheated as needed, but prolonged heating can damage it and disrupt its bonding capability
How do you assemble the RY10 Pro or RY10 Elite?
This video shows you step by step how to assemble the RY10 Pro or RY10 Elite Crackfill Melter Applicator.
The asphalt comes out too quickly even by barely touching the release valve, is there something I can do to get the flow slower, or the release less touchy?

To make it a little easier to control the flow of the crackfill:

  • Lower the temperature of the kettle and it will cause the rubber to flow more slowly.
  • Lengthen the control arm for the valve by adjusting the turnbuckle. That way, you will be able to have the handle closer to the handlebars, and your hand will be more closed, which should provide more control for the valve operation.
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Payment & Pricing
What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Credit Card Payment (Visa, MasterCard, Debit)

We accept payment with Visa, MasterCard or American Express. If you wish to pay with your credit card over the phone, please contact us by calling 1-855-554-4386. If you don’t reach us be sure to leave a voicemail with your contact details, best time to call and someone will return your call as soon as possible to accept payment.  Do not leave credit card details in voicemails.

*We are only able to accept payments over the phone Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm eastern time. We apologize that we are not able to accept payments over the phone on weekends or Holidays.


We accept and prefer payment through PayPal. If you do not have a paypal account, you may sign up by visiting Signing up takes just a couple minutes and makes it easy and safe to purchase online.


All Canadian Buyers must ad their Provincial GST or HST rate to the complete the order. Please see the list below to see your provinces tax rate:

  • British Columbia – 5% GST

  • Alberta – 5% GST

  • Saskatchewan – 5% GST

  • Manitoba – 5% GST

  • Ontario 13% HST

  • Quebec – 5% GST

  • New Brunswick & Nova Scotia – 15% HST

  • PEI – 15% HST

  • Newfoundland & Labrador – 15% HST

  • Yukon, Nunavut & NWT – 15% HST

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Sealer Questions
Can I spray sand with the 130 or 230 Gallon Spray Systems?

Our spray systems work only with Refined Coal Tar (Commercial Grade) Water-Based Sealer or Asphalt Emulsion Sealer and we have specifically tested our systems with the coal tar sealer we sell on our site.

If you use:

  • a sealer with sand, 
  • or oil based sealer,

the spray system will not work: the pump will need repair and you may even blow the engine.

If you use the wrong sealer your warranty is voided in the same way as if you were using diesel fuel in a gasoline engine for your truck. 

I'm getting foam on top of my sealer.

The cause of this is over-agitating the sealer. Only recirculate your sealer for 2-3 minutes max at the beginning of the day and maybe for a minute at the beginning of each job.

If I use coal tar sealer with gem seal rapid set, would there be any issues when cleaning up pump and line?
You can put the rapid set into the material, but the material needs to be used completely within 48 hours. After you have finished using it, do a fresh water flush as usual.
After applying crackfill, how soon can you seal coat?
Whether you used liquid cold-pour crack filler or rubberized hot-pour crack filler, it is best to let the product dry completely before applying sealer. Depending on ambient and surface temperatures, the actual drying time of the crack fill can vary. We usually recommend allowing crack fill to dry for 24 to 48 hours before applying sealer.
Can the seal be painted over? If so how long after placement?
Yes, Sealcoat can be painted (just think about the painted parking stalls in a parking lot!!). The paint should be a high-quality latex (water-based) paint. Less expensive paints may exhibit bleed through or discoloration of the paint. Any colors can be utilized. It is best to wait a few days after the Sealcoat is applied before painting.
How do I remove or clean off the sealer stain when it dried out?
It's best to always have a bucket of soap and water handy. If there are stains, try an orange based hand cleaner available at any auto parts store. Apply to the overspray and let it work in for several minutes before removing with soapy water. You may have to repeat this application several times.
How do you agitate the sealer inside a tote?

There are 4 ways to mix sealer inside a tote prior to application or transfer to your sealcoat tank:

1. Use one of our portable spray systems to connect to the tote's suction port and the tote's return feed. Recirculate the sealer for 4 to 5 minutes.

2. Use a compressor with a long 6’ lance to stick down in the top port of the tote. Push the air from the compressor throughout the bottom of the tote to bubble and agitate the material for about 15 minutes.

3. Do both of the above together for optimal sealer agitation results.

4. Use an IBC electrical tote mixer that is mounted on top of the tote. The mixer has a long shaft with a mixer head on it that spins inside the tote to agitate. These electric mixers are quite costly so option 3 above is generally the most commonly used.

Should I Get a Tote of Sealer or a Drum?
It comes down to your weight and convenience. Totes weigh a grand total of about 3,000 lbs. As it sits for periods of a week or longer, the sediment and the clay in the sealer will settle to the bottom leaving a thick sludge at the bottom of the tote. This means that when you go to suck from the bottom of the tote with a spray system, it will suck the sludge through the pump and put a lot of strain on the pump. But it will suck it up and then recirculate it back to the top of the tote if used with one of AK's Spray Systems. In recirculation mode, when the sealer reenters the top, it - of course - settles down to the bottom again and sucks from the bottom. The thing is the suction point at the bottom of the tote has a one-way output valve and so when it sucks from that area, it will suck the sludge from that given area with a circumference of, approximately, or a diameter of, approximately, one foot. And what happens is the sediment will remain at the back corners of the tote and unless you can get down there with a long broomstick or a long drum mixer for totes, it can get very challenging to get the sediment solids moved to the suction feed of that tote, which means that you would end up with sealer that doesn't have the right amount of solids in it because, of course, when a tote's originally filled, it had a right amount of solids. A Tote is heavy to move around so you need a forklift or you need a very strong power jack to be able to move it around like a skid steer. Drums weigh about 650 lbs. You can use a dolly to move it around. It has a ring lid at the top, and the lid pops right off. You can use one of our drum mixers to mix up the sealer. It’s easy access and is a simpler to operate from and also to mix. Make sure it's mixed to its proper water to sealer ratio where the solids are mixed back in the water. It makes it a lot easier for you to pump the sealer without strain and allows you to spray a consistent, final product that is ready for application. Any time you leave sealers sitting in totes or drums, it does require full agitation of the material before it is sprayed on any surface or applied via buckets with brooms and/or squeegees.
Can I use coal tar sealer on top of oil-based sealer?
Coal tar sealer should not be used on top of oil-based sealer until the oil-based sealer has worn off or you have pressure-washed the oil coating off. Coal tar sealer is water-based and will not adhere to the oil-based sealcoat.
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Crackfiller Questions
How long can I keep unopened crack sealant?
Our crack filler has a shelf life of 10 years unopened. It's why so many of our customers choose to take advantage our half-pallet and pallet offerings: the savings are so high it is worth storing them until you need them. It can be stored outside; just cover it with weather-resistant pallet wrap and keep it out of the sun.
How long does it take Gator Patch to dry when it's 60°F?
At that temperature, expect it to dry in 3-4 hours. It will continue to cure for another 24-48 hours, after which time you can sealcoat over it to help with durability.
Can I use Gator Patch to cover my whole driveway?
Gator Patch is just a patch, not a resurfacer. It is designed to patch areas with cracks up to 1" deep. You would save money if you use Gator Patch on alligator cracks then sealcoat everywhere else.
Can I put down sealer before gator patch? Do I need to seal the area treated with Gator Patch?
You can put them down in either order; however if you put the Gator Patch down first and then sealcoat over top of it for a more uniform finish.
How much Gator Patch should I apply?
It's like peanut butter on toast: you want a layer that covers pavement and seeps into the cracks, but not so thick that it's all Gator Patch and no pavement. The longer your strokes, the more visually appealing it will be when it dries. Use a hard trowel or a stiff squeegee to smooth it on evenly.
Can I use Gator Patch to fill linear cracks at the same time?
Rubberized Hot Pour Filler is a better solution for this problem because it has better expansion properties due to its higher rubber content. Rubber crack filler will expand and contract with heat and cold; Gator Patch does not have the same flexibility, so using it to fill cracks could allow moisture to seep into your asphalt's foundation.
Can this material be used to build up asphalt, as a shim or ramp, to allow clear passage of a plow over a slightly raised manhole cover?
Yes, the cold asphalt patch product can be used to build up asphalt. Gator patch would not work for this use though.
After applying crackfill, how soon can you seal coat?
Whether you used liquid cold-pour crack filler or rubberized hot-pour crack filler, it is best to let the product dry completely before applying sealer. Depending on ambient and surface temperatures, the actual drying time of the crack fill can vary. We usually recommend allowing crack fill to dry for 24 to 48 hours before applying sealer.
How many gallons of material does each "block" of rubber melt down to?

Each box of rubberized crack filler contains a 30-lb. cube.

When melted, each cube yields about 3.6 gallons of liquefied rubber crackfill. This means that if you own a RY10 Pro, you will need about 3 cubes to fill the 10-gallon capacity of this melter applicator.

What type of sand can I put on top of the cracks if traffic needs to drive on it before crackfill has completely hardened? Can I use regular sand?
It is best to use silica sand. Silica sand is basically 99% to 99.5% silicon dioxide, meaning, it is pure, more stable, and is resistant to acid. Regular sand, on the other hand, contains a lot of impurities such as a mix of feldspar and other oxide minerals with very low silica content.
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Can I visit your warehouse to see your equipment and products?
No, our locations are all fabrication plants and shipping facilities. We do not have staff and showrooms to accommodate you if you want to come and visit. You can however see all of our products and equipment on our website and we will be glad to speak with you in person regarding our products and equipment and provide detailed quotes.
How big is the bucket? Do you need to use water? What is the difference with Aquaphalt?

The Permanent Pothole Repair Patch comes in a 22-kg. (50-lb.) resealable bucket and can be applied in all types of weather.

This pothole repair patch can be poured or troweled directly onto the affected area and, unlike Aquaphalt, it does not need to be sprayed with water to activate its bonding agents.

The Permanent Pothole Repair is only available in Canada, while Aquaphalt is distributed in the US.

The lines and handicap symbols I painted 24 hours after applying sealer to a parking lot turned brown. I waited one more day, but it turned out the same way. I had to redo the stripes and symbols after two weeks to cover up.
Sealer needs to cure for at least 24-48 hours in ideal temperature and weather conditions before applying traffic paint to ensure that no bleeding happens. Moist, humid and cold weather can delay proper curing time, so it is highly recommended to check the weather forecasts before sealcoating to ensure that the material sets and dries properly. To check if the sealer has dried, run your finger over the sealed surface and see whether the material still feels tacky to the touch. If it is, it might be best to give it more time to dry.
Can a shipment be expedited?
Yes, we can, charges may vary. However, if it has been shipped, we won't be able to reschedule it.
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Shipping & Returns
What are your shipping policies?

Shipping – Under 150lbs

All orders less than 150lbs will ship by FedEx or Canada Post. Orders received Monday-Friday before 3pm eastern time are always processed same day.  If you have chosen standard or ground shipping please allow 1-3 business days for your item to arrive.

Shipping – Over 150lbs

All orders more than 150lbs which are outside our local delivery area will ship by Fedex Freight, Vitran or Day & Ross. We will shop to find the most competitive freight quote automatically in order to save you money. Orders received by 5pm Monday to Friday are processed the next day. If you require same day shipment, please call us at 1-855-554-4386 and we’ll do our best to assist you with rush shipping.

Remote Areas

There may be additional shipping charges and/or extended shipping times for remote locations.


Free shipping in Ontario and Quebec - other provinces add $300 to major cities. (Please note: remote delivery surcharges may apply if your location isn't regularly serviced by our couriers.)

If you are in Calgary or Moncton (Dieppe) we offer terminal pick up to save you shipping. Simply select the terminal in the checkout, and the $300 shipping charge will be removed.

Shipping Quotes

All custom shipping quotes are time-sensitive and are valid for 48 hours due to policies of freight carriers.  Action Seal reserves the right to adjust shipping quotes after this time period when required. 

Can I Pick Up My Order?

Yes, you are more than welcome to pick up your order if you are near Kitchener, Ontario. Just select 'pickup' at checkout.

We will call you and advise you of the weight, number of pallets, size of the shipment, and when your order will be ready. You will be responsible for creating the paperwork, arranging any shipping, and ensuring the driver has the paperwork when the trucking company shows up. We'll ask that your driver sign to indicate they have picked up your order. We regret that we cannot create paperwork for companies where we do not have accounts.

Where Do You Ship From?
Most products ship from our warehouse in Ontario. Certain supplies like crackfiller or sealer ship directly from the manufacturer so that we can get you the very lowest prices. From time to time we will send shipments of products to the east or west coast in bulk so that you can save on shipping fees as well.
How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order
We ship by FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight, as well as Day & Ross for interprovincial shipments. We require 1 business day to prepare all orders and delivery by FedEx is normally 1-3 business days. Freight deliveries, especially to the east or west coast, can take up to 5 business days.
Returns and Exchanges

You may Return or Exchange any unused item(s) to us within 45 days from the payment date. Please note that line paint, sealer and equipment that has had product run through it is non-refundable. Refunds will be given as in-store credit only.


All exchanges or returns as a result of our error will be free of charge to the buyer. We will incur the return shipping costs as well as the cost of replacing with the correct or new merchandise.

In the event an exchange occurs resulting from a buyer changing their mind, or ordering the incorrect part by mistake, the buyer will be responsible for any return or replacement shipping costs as well as a restocking fee.


*Please contact us for a return merchandise authorization before attempting to ship or return something to one of our stores.

*Please do not send a return until first obtaining approval; you may obtain approval by following the instructions found above or calling 1-855-554-4386


*All cancellations are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

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