Krylon Econostriper Aerosol Parking Lot Striping Equipment

Krylon Econostriper Aerosol Parking Lot Striping Equipment

Krylon Econostriper Aerosol Parking Lot Striping Equipment

Krylon Econostriper line striper sprays straight parking lot lines with aerosol paint.
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Create new or re-paint existing parking lines quickly and easily with the Krylon EconoStriper. Designed for the small contractor or property owner that does not need the luxuries of a powered striping machine, the EconoStriper carries enough paint to complete up to 3000 linear feet of lines. With the average parking lines being around 20 feet long, you could complete up to 150 lines with a single case of paint.

Features of the Econostriper

The striper is capable of holding enough paint to spray up to 3,000 linear feet of lines. The striper is also very easy to use. All you need to do is add paint to the machine, aim it where you want the lines to begin and then start painting. Be sure to check out our selection of Aerosol Paint as well as Stencils in order to make sure you have everything you need to start today.

The machine has solid molded wheels that have a rubber tread. Parking lot striping equipment needs to be lightweight as well, and that is fortunately the case with this striper. It is easy to move the machine around the lot on your own, as it only weighs 16lbs. The machine has a storage bin area so you can keep up to a case of 12 cans of paint in it. This means when you are running out of paint in one can, the rest are right on the machine so you don’t have to walk across the lot to get a replacement.

In order to help you keep your lines straight, this piece of parking lot striping equipment features a center-mounted arrow. The trigger is mounted to the handle so you have full control. The machine will work with all EconoStripe paints.

Line Striping can generate as much as .35 cents per linear foot, meaning that in a single case of paint you can complete over $1000.00 in work and earn over $850.00 in profits.

Finish the Job Right With Parking Lot Striping Equipment

An asphalt company will likely need to have parking lot striping equipment to help them finish their resurfacing and repair jobs, or just to provide new paint to an already existing lot in good condition. One of the top options to help you accomplish this is the Krylon Econostriper. The machine can work well for smaller contractors, as well as for homeowners who do not need a more powerful machine. This striper has several features that help to make it a good choice.