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Build Your Own Business BlueprintNot only do we provide the Equipment and Supplies to do your pavement maintenance job professionally, we are also happy to give you the advice you need to be successful. Call us at (855) 554-4386.

Why Pavement Maintenance?

Take a look outside, pavement is all around you. Cities have roads, businesses have parking lots and every home has a driveway, all these have something in common, they all require maintenance. Sealcoating is used in the maintenance of roads, parking lots and driveways alike to protect, extend improve the appearance of the pavement. The vast majority of property owners trust contractors to perform regular sealcoating of their pavement.

Unbelievably Low Start-up Costs

Some pavement maintenance suppliers may try to convince you to make a large investment into equipment. At Actionseal, we realize there is a difference between small, medium and large contractors. We pride ourselves in being able to offer many different levels of equipment that cater to both the beginner and the professional contractor that delivery professional results without having to break the bank. The start-up costs for our business packages can easily be paid for within the first couple days of work in most cases, regardless of which equipment you choose. Click Here to see our our All-in-One Start Your Own Business Package.

Maximize your Earnings, Full-Time or Part-Time

We’ve seen it time after time: most single-man operations we supply earn around $100.00 per hour in residential maintenance and up to $300.00 per hour for commercial maintenance. With material costing roughly 15%, as a residential contractor you can earn up to $85.00 per hour in profit. With material costing 25% as a commercial contractor, you can earn up to around $225.00 per hour in profit.

Whether you’re a student looking to pay your way through school, an entrepreneur looking for a new business or semi-retired looking to supplement your income, sealcoating provides you with fantastic earning potential and the flexibility to work as little or as often as you would like. With the average residential driveway being roughly $100.00 per job, and taking no more than 30 minutes to complete, it’s easy to see that if you have the desire to achieve the sky is the limit. Someone working part time can easily earn $1000.00+ in only a couple of days each week. Someone working full time can earn $2500.00+ per week. If you’re looking to start a bigger business with multiple people, we have contractors on staff that have built businesses that earn over $10,000.00+ per week. No matter how small or large you wish to grow, we have the solutions and the knowledge to get you there.

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